Stefan Sewell - Kikkoman Masters 2019 Finalist

Find out more about Kikkoman Masters 2019 finalist Stefan Sewell.

Name - Stefan Sewell

Age - 30

Current Restaurant - Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT) Team Captain Military Chef

Hometown - Stowmarket, Suffolk

Favourite Hobbies - Football (ITFC FAN), Fishing and obviously Cooking (eating out)

Favourite Cookbook - Le Repertoire de la Cuisine

Favourite Kitchen Gadget - Japanese Mandolin - everyone wants to borrow mine on CSCAT

Stefan Sewell Stefan Sewell

Kikkoman Masters Dishes -
Starter - Squash Fermented Black Bean & Fennel
Main - Beef, Carrot & Kohlrabi

Previous Competitions Entered - NCOTY Finalist 2018, Kikkoman Masters Finalist 2017

What Is Your First Food Memory - My family's cheese and potato pie with beans :)

Who has influenced your cooking the most - There are so many talented chefs within the military, whom all inspire me in different ways.

Why did you become a chef - The RAF offered me a role as a chef. I had no previous knowledge/experience and have not looked back since.

What did you want to be when you grew up - A Footballer

Who are your favourite chefs - There are so many great chefs out there; Paul Ainsworth, Phil Howard, Simon Hulstone . I was really inspired at the Kikkoman Masters mentor day by Adam Handling

What food is your guilty pleasure - I love Indian food, you cannot go wrong.

Celebrity you would most like to -
Cook for - Gordon Ramsey - I would love his honest opinion.
Dine with - George Burley Ipswich Town Manger when I was growing up as a kid. Would love to hear all the stories.

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