Chocolate and nut - a real taste explosion

24. Oktober 2023

It's time for some sweet magic!

Chocolate and nut - a divine combination for every sweet tooth

Autumn is here, the time to cosy up on the sofa and maybe binge-watch a series. It's also a time for indulging ourselves, so we're now focusing on desserts! Few places have such a passion for nutty, chocolatey treats as Europe. Desserts are an integral part of the culture and tradition in many European countries - from Belgium, the land of chocolate, to France, with its delicious chocolate cakes and soufflés. The combination of chocolate and nuts is particularly appreciated, and today, we want to show you just how versatile this can be!

Hazelnuts and chocolate are best friends, and perhaps the most popular combination of all

From the velvety smoothness of a mousse to the decadent indulgence of pralines, hazelnuts lend their unique earthy flavour and delicate crunch to countless chocolatey delights. Italy is the birthplace of two world-famous creations: "Gianduja", a creamy paste that can be enjoyed either as a spread or as pralines, and the chocolate hazelnut confection "Baci", filled with whole hazelnuts. Switzerland's delicious "Nusstörtli", small tarts with chocolate and hazelnuts, are a classic. And in Germany, "Nussecken", where chocolate and hazelnuts merge into a delicious duo, are considered an absolute delight.

Almonds and chocolate are another heavenly combination

They have a special place in Europe's dessert culture with their subtle bitter-sweetness and crisp crunch. Many countries have their own version of a chocolate-almond cake. Almonds add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a variety of desserts. Italy's "Cantuccini", mouth-watering almond biscuits often coated in chocolate, are also very popular beyond the country's borders.

Walnuts are a real nutrient powerhouse!

With a taste completely different from hazelnuts and almonds, they offer a buttery, rich flavour. They are particularly popular in desserts such as Baklava, which consists of layers of puff pastry and sweet syrup. Pistachios are also a favourite in this sweet dessert. Pistachios have been enjoying a renaissance in recent years and are a testament to Europe's ever-evolving dessert culture. When in Italy, you should never miss out on rich pistachio ice cream - and be sure to combine it with a scoop of chocolate gelato!

However, nothing can top the combination of chocolate and chestnuts when it comes to desserts

Whether in the form of a succulent chocolate cake, pralines or mousse, chestnuts add a special touch to every sweet. From the French Mont Blanc gateau to the Italian Castagnaccio cake, this combination offers something for every sweet tooth.

As you can see, there are countless exciting dessert ideas! You may be wondering how Kikkoman fits into the picture. Believe it or not, soy sauce and chocolate are an unbeatable combination and deliver a real umami kick that you simply shouldn't miss! We have prepared some nutty-chocolatey recipes to make the cosy autumn season even sweeter. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your new favourite recipe among them.

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