Kikkoman Spicy Chili Sauce for Kimchi

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Kimchi is the classic vegetable dish from Korea. The fermented vegetables deliver a truly unique flavour that’s salty, spicy and packs a punch. A perfect accompaniment to many meals.

The intense flavours of Kikkoman Kimchi Chili Sauce transform simple rice into a delicacy, give dressings a piquant kick, or add pep to stews. It's also a great accompaniment to fried food or noodles. With it, you can effortlessly turn a classic mayo into a spicy taste experience.

Kikkoman Kimchi Chilli Sauce is a delight not only for connoisseurs of Asian cuisine but also for those who love things spicy.

The quick way to make your own kimchi: finely chop 1 kg of vegetables, e.g. Chinese cabbage, stir in 150 grams of Kikkoman Spicy Chilli Sauce for Kimchi and leave to marinate. Job done!


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