World Market Leadership based on Tradition

The Kikkoman Group has its roots in the production and distribution of naturally brewed soy sauce. Today, we are the world market leader for Japanese sauces, helping millions of people achieve great tasting food every day.

Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is famous all around the world. As a result, our products find their way into numerous supermarkets, delicatessens and Asian stores. But this does not include all of Kikkoman's commitment.

More than just soy sauce

For example, Kikkoman has established subsidiaries and acquired shareholdings in companies in pharmaceuticals, wines, liqueurs, fruit juices, tomato products and Asian food. The JFC International Group, one of the biggest original Asian food wholesale companies, is also a full subsidiary of the Kikkoman Group.

Kikkoman in figures

  • Approx. 7,000 employees worldwide 
  • 8 locations: Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, Canada, the USA and Europe 
  • 11 production facilities in Japan, the USA, Singapore, Taiwan, China and the Netherlands

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