Kikkoman is well-known for being the perfect partner to savoury sushi and stir fries, as well as an all-purpose seasoning in everyday cooking. But did you know it’s rich aroma and taste also has an affinity with sweet food?

Chocolate brownie with soy caramel sauce

How can I make my desserts taste better?

Much in the same way that a pinch of salt can balance out the flavour in cakes, buns and caramel, adding a dash of Kikkoman Soy Sauce in place of salt can also heighten the natural, sweet tastes of desserts such as stewed fruit, muffins and even tiramisu. This is because small amounts of sodium help to increase your ability to taste sweetness and reduce bitterness on your tongue. However larger concentrations suppress sweetness and enhance umami, which is good for savoury dishes.

Kikkoman is even better to use in cookery as it has a more complex flavour profile than plain salt. Try adding a few drops of Kikkoman soy sauce to muffin mixes, fruit tarts and chocolate puddings and cakes and see if it tastes even sweeter and deeper. It might not be a barmy as it sounds!

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