Which seasonal foods are available in the summer months? Our recipes will give you ideas on how to use up a glut


Seasonal summer food grown in Britain is unbeatable. The warm and often wet climate makes for the most delicious ripe fruits and vegetables with a full flavour that no imported produce can replicate.

Look out now for fresh broad beans, beetroot, aubergine, young carrots, courgettes, lettuce, mangetout, peppers and tomatoes in your local supermarket and farmers markets. Or if you are really lucky you might have grown your own on the allotment or in the garden.

As well as these tasty vegetables, you’ll also be able to find halibut, whiting, tuna and crab in fishmongers now. And meat-eaters will enjoy the matured taste of lamb that’s been grazing on grassy pastures over the summer months.


Summer recipes

To help give you some ideas on how to use these ingredients in your summer cooking, or if you have a glut to use up, have a go at making these tasty recipes:

Asian tomato salad