Street Food Vendor

Street Food

Fast food has been popular ever since the arrival of famous burger and fried chicken joints from the USA. But in more recent years, a new type of fast food has started cropping up in towns and cities nationwide – street food.

What is Street Food?

Street food is a term given to food sold for immediate consumption in public places by a vendor from a portable kiosk, van or cart. There’s a huge tradition in China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, North Africa and India where buying food on the go has been a part of everyday life for decades. In the UK they’ve always been a common sight at fairs and markets, think ice creams and hot dogs for instance, but now many councils have allowed dedicated pitches and kerbside areas for these street food stalls to sell from as they are a great platform for artisan chefs to create a successful business from.

Street food may have humble origins, but now it’s seen as “foodie”. Hungry diners have the opportunity to ‘eat across the world’, trying different takeaway snacks from Asian soups, bao buns and noodles and American style gourmet burgers to Vietnamese banh mi and Indian curries in their lunch breaks, often at an affordable price. Plus, many creative cooks are coming up with some unique and unusual fusion dishes. This kind of fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy either, and it’s pretty easy to find good options for vegetarians and vegans.

Salmon Bao Buns

Make your own Street Food recipes

If you don’t live near any street food stalls, how about making your own street food for your family? We’ve put together some fun tasty recipes to inspire you. To add some authenticity to the experience, grab some takeaway cups and wooden forks! Happy cooking!