2021 Limited edition Kikkoman Soy Sauce Bottle

Kikkoman, has launched another limited-edition of their iconic dispenser bottle this Spring. Following the huge success of their first ever limited-edition in 2020, this new collectable design is anticipated to sell out just as quickly.

Reflecting Kikkoman’s native heritage, the special glass bottle is printed with a symbolic design incorporating a crane bird on a Japanese pine branch and the Japanese characters TSURUMATSU. TSURU means crane and MATSU means pine.

The crane represents good luck and longevity in Japanese culture, as does the tortoise which is featured in Kikkoman’s hexagonal logo. Both are said to have a fabled lifespan of a thousand years. Cranes often appear in old Japanese stories, on Japanese bank notes, and the shape of tsuru is commonly used in origami, the art of folded paper. The matsu pine is found in many Japanese gardens and is the type of tree used for bonsai.

While Kikkoman is not yet a thousand years old, it does date back to the 16th century and the traditional recipe is still used today. Just four pure ingredients (soybeans, wheat, salt and water) are used and it’s naturally brewed for several months, resulting in a unique and versatile seasoning for all kinds of dishes.

The limited-edition 150ml bottle will be available in supermarkets from now until April 2021 at the usual price of around £2.50. Demand is expected to be high for these keepsakes so Kikkoman fans are advised get their hands on one while stocks last!