Ken Hom

Ken Hom OBE is a world-renowned chef and restaurateur. Arguably the West's most famous Chinese cookery expert.

Ken Hom is hailed as the man who transformed wok cooking into an art form. Ken’ s first BBC programme launched in 1984 ‘ Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery’, was a huge success and helped establish a glittering career that has spanned three decades and included TV series such as Ken Hom's Hot Wok and Foolproof Chinese Cookery.

Ken's Top Tips

Nothing beats a fried egg over rice with Kikkoman straight from the bottle onto my crispy egg!

I always use Kikkoman to marinate my meats with rice wine and sesame oil and cornflour before I stir-fry them. It is a technique called velveting.

When your sauces don't taste quite right, a dash of Kikkoman will solve the problem and get the balance just right!

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