Samuel Nash Q&A

We take a quick look into the life of Kikkoman Masters 2018 finalist Samuel Nash.

Name: Samuel Nash

Age: 26

Current Restaurant: L'enclume

Previous Restaurants: Middlethorpe Hall

Hometown: Pocklington

Favourite Hobbies: Gym

Favourite Cookbook: Culinary Artistry

Favourite Kitchen Gadget: Thermomix

Kikkoman Masters Dishes -

Starter: Kikkoman Soy Marinated Salmon, Grilled Broccli, Dressed Keta and Wasabi

Main: Roasted Full-Blood Wagyu Rib, Hen off the Woods, Radish, Soy Glazed Cabbage

What is your first food memory: Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy

Did you grow up in a cooking family? No

Who influenced your cooking the most: Simon Rogan and Tom Barnes

Why did you become a chef? I enjoy to cook

Where did you train? York College

What did you want to be when you grew up? Weapons technician in the army

Who are your favourite chefs? Bjorn Frantzen and David Kinch

Other than your restaurant, what is your favourite restaurant? Smoking Goat london

What music do you enjoy cooking to: House

What was the last book you read? Culinary Artistry

What is your favourite ingredient (apart from Kikkoman Soy Sauce): Lime Juice

What do you think is the next food trend: Asian Influence

What food is your guilty pleasure? Thai Food and Chinese

Is there one food you really don’t like? Baked Beans

Worst kitchen nightmare? Short Staffed

Most memorable meal? Hoff Van Cleve and Gaggan

Last meal on earth? Pad Thai and Som Tam Salad

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