Robbie Lorraine Q&A

We take a quick look into the life of Kikkoman Masters 2018 finalist Robbie Lorraine.

Name: Robbie Lorraine

Age: 40

Current Restaurant: Grazing food (event caterers)

Previous Restaurants: I was executive chef at london city airport over seeing two restaurants one for Rhubarb (pilots) and The City Bar & Grill

Hometown: London

Favourite Hobbies: Swimming, cycling and reading

Favourite Cookbook: Modernist Cuisine

Favourite Kitchen Gadget: Thermo Mix

Kikkoman Masters Dishes -

Starter: Scallops and Squid

Main: Soy roasted loin of lamb with beetroot & quinoa croquette

What is your first food memory: My mums Sunday roast lamb. When ever I’m roasting lamb bones for stock it always brings this memory back to me

Did you grow up in a cooking family? Yes – I was always in the kitchen with my nan

Who has influenced your cooking the most: Nan

Why did you become a chef? I love the satisfaction I get from creating new food memories for people

Where did you train? Westminster College

What did you want to be when you grew up? Astronaut

Who are your favourite chefs? Nuno Mendes, Corey Lee, Sat Bains and Rene Redzepi

Other than your restaurant, what is your favourite restaurant? Fat Duck

What music do you enjoy cooking to: Drum and Bass

What was the last book you read? Black Box Thinking

What is your favourite ingredient (apart from Kikkoman Soy Sauce): Marmite

What do you think is the next food trend? Venezuelan cuisine is in the up

What food is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate bars

Is there one food you really don’t like? Mustard

Worst kitchen nightmare? Dropping 30 litres of lobster & split pea soup in the loading bay of the venue we were about to do charity event for x 100 covers in a couple of hours before service

Most memorable meal? Petrus 2002 when it was still at James st (was my first experience of Michelin star dining)

Last meal on earth? Whoa... that's too much to ask... pass!

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