Robbie Lorraine - Kikkoman Masters 2019 Finalist

Find out more about Kikkoman Masters 2019 finalist Robbie Lorraine.

Name - Robbie Lorraine

Age - Old enough to know better!

Current Restaurant - Grazing food (Event caterers)

Previous Restaurant - I was executive chef at London city airport over seeing two restaurants one for Rhubarb (pilots) and The city bar and grill

Hometown - London

Favourite Hobbies - Swimming, Cycling, Football, Eating out, Reading

Favourite Cookbook - Modernist cuisine

Favourite Kitchen Gadget - Thermomix

Robbie Lorraine Robbie Lorraine

Kikkoman Masters Dishes -

Starter - Hay baked Carrot & soya braised pak choi
Main - Soy & Yuzu glazed lobster with broccoli, shiso & pickled enoki

Previous Competitions Entered - B&I Street food 2018 (winner best meat free) Kikkoman 2018

What Is Your First Food Memory - My mums Sunday roast lamb. Whenever I’m roasting lamb bones for stock it always brings this memory flooding back to me.

Who has influenced your cooking the most - My Kids!

Why did you become a chef - To express my creativity

What did you want to be when you grew up - Astronaut

Who are your favourite chefs - Nuno Mendes, Albert Adria, Corey Lee, Sat Bains & Rene Redzepi

What food is your guilty pleasure - Chocolate bars of any description

Celebrity you would most like to -
Cook for - Ferran Adria – I’d love to hear his thoughts on my cooking
Dine with - Sat Bains (seems like a good crack)

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