Joseph Fallowfield - Kikkoman Masters 2019 Finalist

Find out more about Kikkoman Masters 2019 finalist Joseph Fallowfield.

Name - Joseph Fallowfield

Age - 30

Current Restaurant - Housel Bay Hotel

Previous Restaurants - Kota, The Square in Porthleven, The Elephant

Hometown - Gosport

Favourite Hobbies - Imagining retirement

Favourite Cookbook - Out of my tree

Favourite Kitchen Gadget - I'm not really big with gadgets. I value the humble spoon.

Joseph Fallowfield Joseph Fallowfield

Kikkoman Masters Dishes -

Starter - Soy cured yolk, truffled beetroot, shitaki broth, sesame
Main - Fillet of venison, soy, shin and treacle clanger, roasted carrot, hazelnut

Previous Competitions Entered - Kikkoman masters, Roux scholarship, South west chef of the year

What is your first food memory - Definitely trying to help my mum cook and being a huge hindrance. I remember thinking "how can anyone remember all those ingredients!?", she was making chilli con carne....

Who has influenced your cooking the most - I worked with a lot of really great chefs which have all made a huge impression on me.

Why did you become a chef - I became a chef because I struggle to sleep and find exhaustion is my only salvation.

What did you want to be when you grew up - A wine buyer for Waitrose. The idea of travelling the world tasting wines with huge buying power still appeals to me.

Who are your favourite chefs - Simon Hulstone, Adam Handling and Brian Turner...

What food is your guilty pleasure - ? Im an absolute chocolate fiend. Like the cookie monster from the muppets.

Celebrity you would most like to:
Cook for -
As a flagship for importance of a correct cream tea, Id like to cook for Dawn French. Clearly she knows whats on.
Dine with - Daniel Clifford, I reckon he knows some cracking places to eat and he would be a laugh.

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