Pan-fried Scallops, Asparagus, Black Sesame Seeds and an Asian Dashi

Pan-fried Scallops, Asparagus, Black Sesame Seeds and an Asian Dashi

Recipe by Chef David Scarpato, Kikkkoman Masters 2016 Runner Up

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  • Serves4


  • Scallops x 8 shellsAsparagus spears x 12
  • Black sesame seeds x 40g
  • Carrot x 1
  • White onion x 1
  • KikkomanSoy sauce 150ml
  • Pancetta x 200g
  • Mirin x 80ml
  • Sake x 20ml
  • Kombu x 20g
  • Butter x 20g
  • Olive oil x 20ml
  • Water x 200ml
  • Salt 10g
  • Pepper x 10g
  • Micro coriander x 10g
  • Viola flowers x 8


Wash hands before starting, sanitize work bench, set up a blue board and open the shells of the scallops with a small knife. Keep the shells and rinse them off so they are clean, then clean the scallops with some cold water discard the roe. Cling film the scallops into a tub and put into the fridge. Then sanitize the bench and utensils and set up a brown board.

For the dashi put the water into a pan and the kombu and infuse on a simmer for 20 minutes then discard the kombu and add the pancetta. Infuse for 20 mins then add Kikkoman soy sauce and finish with mirin and sake. Season to taste and pass through a chinois and leave to one side.

To finish the dish flash your plate under the grill, then in a hot pan add a drizzle of oil and season the scallops on a tray, put into the pan and get a beautiful colour on the scallops then turn over and finish with the butter and baste. With the carrot julienne a few pieces for garnish, plate up the scallops, garnish the dish, put the dashi into a jug and serve.

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