Mixed Teriyaki Skewers

Mixed Teriyaki Skewers

Our Japas recipes are designed as Japanese style tapas. Just double the amount of each ingredient if you want to serve larger plates.

  • Serves4

Nutrition per serving

  • Energy160 Kcals


For prawn skewers:

  • 4 prawns (head on)
  • Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze

For beef skewers:

  • 1 bunch green asparagus
  • 200g roast beef
  • Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze

For scallop skewers:

  • 1 courgette
  • 8 scallops
  • Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze


Butterfly and devein the prawns, leaving them whole, with shell on. Skewer them and grill. Brush with Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze to finish.

Cut off tough ends of asparagus, peel and precook. Cut into 4cm pieces. Slice roast beef into 15g slices, cover with cling film and flatten more with a meat tenderizer. Wrap pieces of asparagus with the meat slices and skewer. Cook briefly on grill and brush with Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze before serving.

Cut courgette into vertical thin slices (use a peeler). Wrap each scallop with the courgette slices and skewer. Fry skewers in frying pan on both sides and brush with Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze before serving.

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