Sushi rice on nori

Second Century A.D

Sushi originated in Southeast Asia and travelled to Japan over 2000 years ago. Originally cured fish was wrapped in rice and left to ferment and then eaten, however, when the delicacy arrived in Japan, the Japanese began to eat the rice with the fish.


Centuries later, people began to use raw fish instead of cured, which is the most common form of sushi today. There are many great ways to make sushi, the most common using vinegared rice, raw fish and vegetables such as cucumbers and peppers. It is also possible to substitute the fish for another vegetable to create delicious vegetarian sushi.


Over the past few decades, thousands of restaurants dedicated to serving exclusively sushi have opened worldwide and it is now an extremely popular dish.


In the late 2000's, Poké became popular throughout the US and UK, which is a Hawaiian dish very similar to sushi. It consists of cubed raw fish, served on a bed of rice with a variety of colourful, tasty vegetables and flavourings.

According to Statistic Brain, sushi consumption in the US increased by 28% from 2010-2014 and the sushi market in the UK is worth over £68m

Poke spelling

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