Kikkoman Soy Sauce is tremendously versatile and ideal for delicious stir fry recipes. Perfect as quick meals but also as family meals try a stir fry today

Cooking can be one of life's simple pleasures and there aren't many easier dishes to cook than a tasty stir fry. Quick, simple and tasty a stir fry can be created in minutes and can be the perfect family meal. Whether you're looking to create a chicken stir fry a beef stir fry or even a vegetable stir fry you can create a delicious quick meal in minutes that everyone will love. Using our range of great sauces why not try one of the delicious stir fry recipes below.

If you need any help creating a delicious soy or teriyaki stir fry, watch our brilliant video's below that will help you through the step by step cooking. These aren't the only tasty recipes you can get your hands on, we have a whole host of Stir Fry Recipes in our recipe collection.

The Kikkoman Range

These delicious stir fry recipes have been created using products from the entire Kikkoman range. Whether you're looking to create a simple vegetable stir fry or a more complicated dish, these versitile sauces can be used to help you create delicious quick easy meals for the whole family.

Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce is made with only 4 ingredients (water, soybeans, wheat and salt) and is the base for all of Kikkoman's delicious teriyaki and stir fry sauces. Pick them up in your local supermarket to create delicious family recipes.

To find a host of great recipes using all of our delicious Kikkoman sauces head to our recipe section.

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