New Kikkoman Limited Edition bottle

For the first time ever, Kikkoman, makers of the world famous naturally brewed soy sauce, is launching a new limited-edition of its iconic soy sauce dispenser bottle. The special glass bottle is printed with an attractive design incorporating Mount Fuji, Japanese characters for “Spring flower 2020” and pink cherry blossom in a nod to Kikkoman’s native heritage.

Spring is a very special season in Japan as the whole country celebrates Hanami – the cherry blossom festival. Cherry blossom is a well-known symbol in Japanese culture that represents beauty and new beginnings. During Hanami from mid-March through to May, over 300 species of cherry tree in Japan are in full bloom, capturing the attention of locals and visitors from around the globe who come to admire the stunning blankets of white and pink blossom (sakura). The blossom lasts for about 10 days and during this time the Japanese get together with friends and family to welcome in the arrival of spring and enjoy the sights and scents of this natural spectacle.

The harmony continues as those at Kikkoman know the very best comes from nature, so only 4 pure ingredients (soybeans, wheat, salt and water) go into the making of its soy sauce. There are no artificial additives whatsoever and it’s slowly fermented for several months, resulting in a top-quality seasoning for all kinds of dishes.

The limited-edition 150ml bottle will be available in supermarkets until April at the usual price of around £2.50. Demand is expected to be high for these keepsakes so Kikkoman fans are advised get their hands on one while stocks last!