Kikkoman 2022 Limited Edition bottle

By popular demand, Kikkoman has introduced a third beautiful limited edition design on the iconic 150ml red top dispenser bottle for 2022.

A set of classic Japanese images including koi carp and a lotus flower will appear on the front of the bottle. In Japan the koi carp is a traditional symbol of wealth, luck, prosperity, health, and strength, while the koi carp’s closeness to the lotus flower represents the family gathering at the table and strong family unity.

The Kikkoman 150ml dispenser is a unique shaped bottle, created by renowned award-winning designer and former monk, Kenji Ekuan, who later went on to design the world-famous bullet train. Following three years’ work the bottle was designed in 1961 and received many plaudits for its revolutionary sleek shape and its functionality, incorporating a hole in both sides of the cap to allow a controlled pour. Mr Ekuan strived to create items that he said “provide comfort, convenience, function, aesthetics and ethics”

These bottles are sure to be collectable so grab one quick! Look out for them on supermarket shelves from now until around April at the usual price of £2.50.