At Kikkoman we pride ourselves on quality that delivers the very best to our fans. Find out how...

Kikkoman soy sauce pouring into dipping dish

Nowadays growing numbers of people are seeking to pursue a healthy lifestyle and nutritionally balanced diet which are free from synthetic flavour enhancers and chemicals.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of all our soy sauces and special natural brewing process. None of our Kikkoman products contain any artificial additives whatsoever – just 4 pure ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt and water. These raw ingredients are carefully sourced and controlled, allowing us to guarantee the consistent characteristic flavour and aroma that Kikkoman fans from around the world have come to expect.

We do not use GMO soybeans, so you can be certain Kikkoman is 100% natural and of the finest grade.

bowl of soy beans used to make soy sauce

What is GMO?

GMO is an acronym which stands for genetically modified organisms. According to the Food Standards Agency, all food produced from GM crops must be labelled in the UK. However, this does not apply to goods from animal products e.g meat, eggs, milk which have been fed with GM feed.

Kikkoman uses only non-GMO soybeans which are free from genetic engineering.

Naturally good for everyday cooking

So Kikkoman is ideal for helping to achieve a cleaner way of eating, and its versatility means it complements all kinds of cuisines and dishes, not just Oriental ones, such as salad dressings, soups and fish dishes. Simply use in place of table salt to bring out the natural flavour of foods without overpowering. What’s more, if you are watching your calorie intake Kikkoman soy sauce contains 0% fat, but buckets of taste.

prawn and pasta dish on green background