Even the crispiest and freshest salad has very little intrinsic flavour - that’s where salad dressings come in.

They’re great because you can be as creative as you like when you make them. Some people prefer the classic vinegar and oil dressing, others like to add herbs, spices and a variety of ingredients. A salad without dressing is like bread without butter. That’s why we decided it would be a great idea to take a closer look at the subject of salad dressings.

So, what ingredients do you need?

What constitutes a good salad dressing? Is it that splash of colour that makes a green salad look extra appetising or is it the ingredients that make the difference between a so-so dressing and a mouth-wateringly good dressing?Anything goes! Salad dressings can be thick or thin in consistency, transparent or colourful, intense or mild in flavour. There is no one recipe for the perfect dressing. It can be vinegar and oil, yoghurt or cream-based and creativity is a definite advantage. There are also ready-made salad dressings of all types, varieties and flavours, such as “American caesar” or “Thousand Island”, that you can use to turn a simple salad into a gourmet offering. However, despite the many different dressings that are available, you have to remember that not every dressing is suitable for every salad.

Should you buy a ready-made dressing or make it yourself?

Some people tend to buy ready-made dressings for their convenience factor or because they’re short of time. That’s a shame, because delicious salad dressings are quick and easy to make, and often far more interesting than the ones you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. The ingredients are in plentiful supply and they’re often very inexpensive. If you like it creamy you can prepare a delicious yoghurt dressing. Or you can stick to the traditional vinegar and oil dressing for crispy green salads.

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