1: Baked

Baking is a great way to cook your chicken because it helps to boost your iron intake and is a rich source of protein. Baked chicken is also a lot healthier than fried because it contains less oil and fat. Our Lemon Soy Chicken Tray Bake is the perfect recipe for delicious baked chicken, which is quick to prepare and cook.

Lemon Soy Chicken Tray Bake

2: Grill

Grilling is another healthy alternative to cooking chicken. Grilled chicken is great with salads and inside wraps as it contains less fat, and the meat also retains nutrients better. Our Nice n Spicy Chicken with Peaches & Almonds recipe is a scrumptious, healthy alternative to salad, and takes only 10 minutes to prepare!

Nice n Spicy Chicken with Peaches and Almonds

3: Pan Fried

Pan fried chicken is very easy and quick to make, and is delicious when seasoned! This is a popular method for cooking chicken, as you can create a tasty meal in practically no time at all. Why not have a go at cooking our Teriyaki Chicken with a Colourful Salad, for a quick lunch which is both healthy and delicious!

Teriyaki Chicken with a Colourful Salad

4: Braised

Braised chicken is perfect for Autumn and Winter months as you can create scrumptious stews and casseroles. Braising is simply cooking in a small amount of liquid over a long period of time, otherwise known as slow cooking. If you don’t have a slow cooker, our One Pot Chicken and Couscous is the ideal recipe for days when you’re busy and want to leave something to cook for a while.

One Pot Chicken and Couscous

5: BBQ

BBQ chicken is extremely popular throughout the summer months when you want to spend time enjoying the warm weather outside with family and friends! BBQ chicken can be seasoned and marinated in a variety of ways to create delicious burgers, drumsticks and skewers to name a few! Our BBQ Chicken Kebabs are marinated in Kikkoman soy sauce and are perfect for summer barbecues!