Master best ever chicken wings with our ultimate guide!

03. November 2023

Our top 6 tips for making the best barbecued or baked chicken wings, plus tasty chicken wing recipes.

What could be better than a platter of juicy chicken wings for sharing with friends? Whether eaten hot from the oven in front of a movie, taken cold on a picnic or served at a bbq, they are just so moreish!

How do you make bbq chicken wings?

Our range of Teriyaki Sauces are ideal for making sticky bbq chicken wings. Choose from Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce with Toasted SesameRoasted Garlic or BBQ Sauce with Honey – simply brush the sauce generously over the chicken wings just before the end of barbecuing, then continue cooking for around 5 minutes to glaze.

If it’s not bbq weather then simply cook your chicken wings on a baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes instead. Brush over the sauce before the end of baking and return to the oven to finish.

Best chicken wing marinades

Marinades are great for adding flavour right through the meat instead of just on the outside, and will help keep the chicken wings succulent and juicy.

- Japanese chicken wings

If you want to give your chicken wings more savouriness then grab a bottle of Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade. This authentic and aromatic marinade is made from Kikkoman soy sauce, wine and spices and will help the skin to caramelise to a glossy golden brown on the bbq or baked in the oven.

- Hot & spicy chicken wings

If you like hot and spicy chicken wings then add a pinch of chilli powder to teriyaki marinade for some lip-tingling heat!

- Honey & soy sticky chicken wings

Or if you prefer sweetness then a drizzle of honey mixed with soy sauce or teriyaki will be delicious.

Chicken Wings Top Tips

- How long should you marinate chicken wings for?

The longer you leave chicken wings to steep in a marinade, the stronger the flavour will be. We recommend overnight in the fridge, but if you’re short on time then an hour will still make a difference. Marinating chicken wings also helps to make them nice and tender.

- Do you put sauce on before or after baking/barbecuing chicken wings?

Always marinate the wings before cooking. If you’re using a bbq sauce to glaze then brush that on right at the end so that it doesn’t catch and burn.

- How do you make the marinade stick to the wings?

Keep brushing on more marinade or sauce to really make build a nice sticky coating. Napkins will be required!

- Should chicken wings be fried or baked?

Although some recipes call for chicken wings to be fried, we recommend baking or barbecuing them instead to avoid hot fat spitting.

- Should you pre-cook the wings before barbecuing?

It’s a good idea to bake chicken wings in the oven first for about 20 minutes then finish them on the barbecue to ensure they are properly cooked through.

- What to do if your chicken wings are too spicy?

If you’ve been a bit heavy handed with the chilli in the marinade then you can try to counteract the heat with some honey. Or if you’ve used curry spices then some natural yoghurt added to the chicken wing marinade will cool things down.

Try out these chicken wing recipes

These wonderful wings recipes are made with Kikkoman soy sauceteriyaki and ponzu.

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