Fish - simply fin-tastic!

03. August 2023

Are you a fish fan? Learn more about different types of delicious freshwater fish

Where do they live and what characterises them?

Fish is a popular protein choice and very healthy too. It is consumed all over the world and the different varieties are almost infinite. More than 30 kilograms per capita per year are consumed in Europe alone with the Mediterranean countries at the top of the list. A distinction is made between sea and freshwater fish species.

But what is the difference between sea and freshwater fish?

Sea fish live in the ocean, often in deep waters, and are not exposed to temperature fluctuations. Among the most popular edible sea fish are tuna and cod. Freshwater fish are found in waters that do not contain salt - rivers, streams, inland waters and lakes as well as ponds. Due to the shallow depths and lack of salinity, as well as unpredictable human interference or pollution, they are at the mercy of constant changes in their living conditions.

Fish stocks have been greatly reduced in recent decades due to these very conditions, but demand is nevertheless increasing so supply is ensured through breeding on farms. Freshwater fish are not only fished in the traditional way with rods, but also harvested with baskets and fish traps. Fish farmers place the fry in waters where they can grow normally until they are caught again at harvest time when they are the right size.

Common freshwater fish types

Here we introduce you to some native species of freshwater fish and what’s special about them. 

Compared to sea fish, freshwater fish contain significantly more vitamins and minerals, as well as high-quality and easily digestible protein. Tasty and good for you!

Probably the most popular fish on European plates is salmon. Wait a minute, salmon? Isn't it a sea fish? In fact, the salmon spends a large part of its life in freshwater: for spawning, as well as the first years of its life, because the freshwater habitat offers safer conditions than the open sea. It is also called a migratory fish because it can adapt to the habitat accordingly. Salmon is mostly eaten either fresh or smoked.

Another migratory fish that is a culinary highlight is the sturgeon, whose eggs are also known as caviar. Due to ever-decreasing stocks and increasing demand, caviar is becoming a more expensive luxury delicacy. Both the eggs and the fish meat are extremely delicious and unique in flavour.

Somewhat more exotic, as it comes from warmer waters in Africa and Vietnam, but particularly loved for its soft texture and delicate flavour, is the tilapia. Slightly sweet in taste, it goes really well with fruity ingredients such as pineapple or mango. You can imagine what a dash of umami from our soy sauce would do!

Want to try cooking freshwater fish?

The trend for freshwater fish is on the rise again thanks to creative chefs who are constantly on the lookout for new discoveries and rediscoveries. But we also have some new and simple recipes for freshwater fish that are easy to prepare at home - why not give them a try for your next dinner?

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