East meets West goats cheese salad

East meets West goats cheese salad

Kikkoman is so versatile it can even be used in salad dressing! Try it in this goats chese salad recipe

  • Serves4
  • Preparation Time10 mins


  • 200g goats cheese, crumbled
  • 200g baby spinach, washed
  • 100g sun-dried tomatoes, finely chopped
  • 1 red onion, thinly sliced
  • Handful fresh basil, torn

East meets West Vinaigrette

  • 10ml toasted vegetable oil
  • 60ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 15ml clear honey
  • 10ml Dijon mustard
  • 30ml rice wine vinegar
  • 20ml Kikkoman Soy Sauce


Shake together the vinaigrette ingredients. Add all of the salad ingredients to a large serving bowl and pour over the East meets West Vinaigrette, tossing well to coat.

Serve with French bread and cold meats for a delicious lunch or light supper.