Manufacturing Statement

Kikkoman Trading Europe GmbH (KTE), Kikkoman's European trading company, was established in Düsseldorf (Germany) over 30 years ago. Since then, KTE has been supplying food products which are absolutely safe to health to European consumers. Ever since the foundation of Kikkoman Foods Europe B.V. in Sappemeer (Netherlands), Kikkoman Trading Europe's soy sauce products have been produced exclusively there. This enables Kikkoman to manufacture and implement the necessary checks on the soy sauces in conformity with European directives.

Key Q&As

Where do the ingredients for naturally brewed soy sauce come from? 
The soy beans are from Brazil, the wheat from Germany and salt and water are from the Netherlands.

Where does Kikkoman manufacture its naturally brewed soy sauce? 
In the Netherlands.

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